Why won't the system let me apply or schedule a renumbering? [FAQ]


After renumbering, either manually or using the auto-number utility, you'll go down and click "Apply Changes" if you want the edits to be applied now, or "Schedule Renumbering" if you want to keep your current envelopes for now and schedule a day for the envelopes to be updated. However, if there are conflicts in your renumbering setup, the application buttons will be greyed out or your cursor will change into a "do not" symbol.

Conflicts in renumbering can arise either from multiple givers being assigned the same number for next year or a caching issue that may happen if the auto-number utility is run many times in succession.

To troubleshoot any possible envelope conflicts,

  1. First, ensure your Smart Group drop-down located near the top right of the screen is set to show "Everyone". This will allow you to scroll down the list of everyone in your Church360° Members database to locate any issues denoted with a pink message to the right of the Next Envelope number.
  2. If you see any of these pink messages, you'll need to manually edit one of the duplicates to resolve the conflict.
  3. Though extremely rare, if you scroll through your entire list of people and still see no messages on duplicate envelope numbers, you may need to clear the page's renumbering cache by clicking "Clear All" and starting over from scratch. We understand that this may be frustrating and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Once all conflicts are resolved, you will then be able to schedule your renumbering. Clicking the "Apply Changes" button will immediately move the Next Envelope numbers into the Current Envelope field and cannot be undone, so please exercise caution when using that button for multiple reassignments.