Entering a Death


If a person dies, you can add their death on either their person record or from their widow(er)'s record.

To mark someone as deceased on their own record,

  1. Click on the name of the individual to open that person’s profile.
  2. To the far right, find and click the "deceased" field to open it up for editing.
  3. Check the box marking them as Deceased and use the drop-down menus to add a death date, if it's known.
  4. Click anywhere outside of the edit field to save your changes. They will be marked as a deceased member.

If a death has been entered in error, click the "deceased" field again and uncheck the box marking them as Deceased.

To mark someone's spouse as deceased,

  1. Find and open the person record for the surviving spouse.
  2. Hover over the relationship and click on the faint minus sign that appears.
  3. Choose the "Deceased" button.
    • This will not unassign the envelope assigned to the couple and the couple will continue to give jointly unless the surviving spouse is marked as giving separately.
    • To mark them as giving separately, click the Jointly option under the marriage date to edit their giving status.
  4. Directly under the spouse's name, wedding date, and giving status, the death date will automatically be filled in with the current date. Click the date to edit it however you need.
  5. Click anywhere in the white space on the record to automatically save your changes.

It's important to note, all offerings given by the couple, before they are marked as giving separately, will still be attributed to both, and all offerings given by the surviving spouse after the relationship was edited, will be attributed only to that single person. Updating marriage or death information may result in a couple receiving contribution statements both for themselves and for their joint giving.

If you have concerns over a person receiving multiple contribution statements, please reach out to CTS to move offerings however you need.

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