How do I fix a mistake on my offerings?


When entering your offerings, sometimes, mistakes can happen where you credit the wrong person with an offering, or you put an offering towards the wrong fund, or you simply forget to add an offering. In any of these events, you need to get back into your offering batch to correct the mistake.

Correcting a mistake in an offering batch starts by going into the "Offerings" section of Church360° Members. Make sure you have the page filtered using the 'Offerings' filter (in the upper right corner).



From here, click on the date in the top left corner of the window, and set your Date Range for the day that you need to correct. You can do this by filling in the date in both the beginning and ending parts of the date range.



Now, find the offering batch below that you want to work on, and click on the day of the offering under the Date column header. This will take you back into your offering batch in "Edit" mode.


You can click on any of the offerings, and make any changes you need to for that particular offering, including who is giving the offering, how much they gave, how they gave, the check number or what fund they gave to. When you are finished making changes, simply navigate away from the page, and your changes will be saved.

Note: If this was an offering batch that was imported from Vanco, it cannot be edited, other than adding a memo to the offerings. This includes adding new offerings to the batch, editing the offerings in the batch, or deleting offerings in the batch. You can tell if a batch was imported from Vanco, as when you open the batch, you'll see a Padlock icon to the right of the batch total.