Composing an Email Message with the Text Editor


When creating an email message, you'll use the text editor to create the body of your message. You will be able to type or paste a message into the text editor.

This content box houses features very similar to an email client so you can compose the message directly within the Church360° software.

These features are denoted by buttons found at the top of the text editor.

The first group of buttons has actions you can use for specific text in your message.

  • Text buttons - The first three buttons (Bold, Italic, Strikethrough) pertain to the formatting of your text. Simply select your text and click the button for your chosen task to apply the action.
  • Link - When clicking the chain-link button, enter the URL for the link you desire into the pop-up that appears and click "Link" to add it. Your link will show as orange in your message. To remove the link, highlight the linked text, click the chain-link button, and click "Unlink".

The second grouping of buttons affects entire text lines.

  • Heading - Click this toggle button to change the entire text line into a heading format. 
  • Quote - This button will indent a text line with a bar denoting a quote. This can be helpful for scripture readings or direct quotations from the church pastor or president.
  • Bullets - This action applies bullets starting with the current text line. Bullet points are best for listing things that have no set order
  • Numbers - This action applies number bullets starting with the current text line. Numbering bullets are best for listing things with a set, or preferred, order.
  • Indenting buttons - The next two buttons (Decrease Level, Increase Level) are greyed out and are only available when currently on a line with either the Bullets or Numbers action being applied.

The final grouping of buttons is located on the far right of the text editor.

  • Undo - This will remove the last action or revision to your message.
  • Redo - This will reapply an action that had been undone.