Choosing an Audience


When creating a voice, text, or email message, you'll choose Smart Groups, tags, and individuals to be included or excluded as well as which phone numbers or email addresses to be used.

When creating a message, there will be a section called Audience with four drop-down menus.

Under the Include sub-heading, use the first field to choose previously created Smart Groups of people and/or tags that you'd like to add to the list of recipients. For those not included in the available Smart Groups or tags use the field below to add any individuals to the contact list.

Under the Exclude sub-heading, use the first field to choose previously created Smart Groups or tags of people you'd like to subtract from the Smart Groups, Tags, and individuals selected in the Include fields. To remove individuals from the contact list, use the field below.

As you add and subtract who to send your message to, the statistics directly under the fields will update to show the number of People in this audience, the Number of unique contact points selected, and those People without a number selected.

To review your audience's contact information, click the Review button to open up the running list of selected individuals and their available contact information.

By default, the Communications module will only select one contact point for each individual. At the top of the Recipients list, you can click each selection priority to select and deselect each option to order which contact type to choose from first. You can also manually check the boxes next to each contact to select them to use.

Note: manual selections are not affected by changes to the Selection Priority.

If a number is selected multiple times in your Recipients view, it will register as one number selected and will only receive one message.

Once you are satisfied with the contacts selected, click Done to return to the Audience view.

Note: The middle number (Numbers selected) will be the total number of messages sent.