Understanding Communication Preferences


After sending out a few messages through the Communications module, you may have some members of your congregation that have preferences on how they'd like to be contacted.

In Church360 Members, anyone with a person record (that has an email address) on your Church360 site, will be able to visit your site's preference's page, enter in their email address and edit their preferences as they'd like.

To edit your Communication preferences,

  1. Go to your church's access page for Communication preferences.
    • The preference page is different for each Church360 Members site. Using the URL ([your subdomain] replaced with your site's unique identifier preceding ".360members.com") of your Church360 site, add "/communications/access-preferences" to the end to be taken to your site's specific preference page.
    • For example, if your Church360 Members site has the URL "christcommchurch.360members.com", then your preference page would be "christcommchurch.360members.com/communications/access-preferences".
    • If you need any assistance with finding your church's preferences page, please feel free to reach out to support by clicking on the "i" icon at the bottom right corner of the help center.
  2. Once on the preferences page, enter the email address attached to your person record.
    • For a person to be able to edit their preferences, they will need to have a personal or work email attached to their record.
    • If you receive a "Record not found" error, you will need to contact your site administrator to add your email to your record in order to update your preferences.
    • If your email is valid and accurately attached to your person record, you will get a message stating that you will receive an email with a link to edit your preferences.
    • It may take a few minutes before you see a message. If you still do not see your message after 10 minutes, please check your spam folder for an email titled, "Access your Church360° Communication Preferences".
  3. Click the link provided in the email to open up preferences specific to your email. Try not to click unsubscribe as this will only unsubscribe you from important administrative emails related to your preferences in Church360° Members.
  4. On the Update Communication Preferences view, use the drop-down menus to choose your preferred contact information and check the boxes next to any message types you'd like to receive messages for.
    • If you are unsure on what each message type entails, please contact your site administrator or staff member for more information on how your church office uses the Communications module.
    • You cannot add additional contact information on this view. You will need to let your church office know if you need to edit or add contact information to your record.
  5. Click "Update Preferences" to save your changes. If you need to edit your preferences in the future, you can request another link.