Why can I not delete a marriage relationship? [FAQ]


Sometimes, you might mistakenly put two people together in a marriage relationship that you didn't intend to. Under normal circumstances, this marriage relationship between the two people can be deleted without issue, but, sometimes, you might get a message that looks like the following:


When you see this message, this means that Church360° Members is preventing you from deleting the marriage, as there are offerings associated with it, and so, therefore, it cannot be fully deleted. If this was by mistake, then all offerings associated with this marriage need to be assigned to one person or the other within this couple, and then the marriage can be deleted.

To start with, make sure that the couple is now giving separately, instead of jointly. You can do this from the Envelopes screen (Click on the gear icon, and choose "Envelopes"). From here, find the couple on your list of contributors, and uncheck the "Contributes Jointly" box.


Once that's done, you can go to either member of the couple, and you'll want to run a contribution statement to identify what contributions they gave jointly. For more information on running a contribution statement, see our article on Printing an Individual Contribution Statement. You'll want to set a wide date range, to make sure you are able to find any offerings that were entered as a couple. Any offerings on the contribution statment where it lists both people are offerings that need to be fixed.

Once you know what offerings need to be fixed, go to the offerings screen, and you can edit each offering batch that contains an offering where both members of of the couple are listed. You'll want to find the offering, and edit it, so only one member of the couple is credited for the offering. For more information about editing an offering batch, see our article on How do I fix a mistake on my offerings?

Once there are no offerings associated with both members of the couple, you should be able to go back to either of their individual records, and then successfully delete the marriage relationship.