Navigating the Login Page


As a web-based software, your Church360° site is accessible to you from any device with an internet browser. To maintain security, each church's site will have it's own subdomain and URL.

Church360° Members has rolled out a new login page with a redesigned layout and passkey option, replacing the old format. The functionality of the login fields remain unchanged.

If you forget your password or lose your passkey device, you can click the "Trouble signing in?" link below the login fields to enter your email address and check that email account for an email containing instructions on how to reset your password or passkey option.

For more information on Passkeys, please visit our article here.

Note: If you are not sure what your Church360° Members site URL or subdomain is, please reach out to us with your church name and zip code and we'll be able to look you up and send you that information.