Enhancement to Vanco Integration


We are pleased to announce an update to our integration with Vanco!  

This change allows users to import additional information regarding offering dates and fees into Church360°. 

Dates: Vanco records a few different dates associated with a Contributor's offering.  Previously, we were only able to associate one of these dates with the Offering in Church360°.  Now, giving on the Offerings view will be grouped by the date Vanco deposits the money into your church's account, while showing the date the money was given by the Contributor, which will be reflected on Contribution Statements.  

Fees: The enhancement will also import fees.  In Church360° Members the Contribution statements will continue to reflect the total amount given, and offering Batch summaries will now show fees and a net total. In Church360° Ledger, Pending Transactions created from offering batches will use the net totals without fees, eliminating the need to make adjustments or additional transactions.

Here is a view of the batch summary with the new enhancement:


To benefit from this new enhancement, you will need to add an additional piece of information to your Vanco integration page.  You will need to contact Vanco to request the NVP API Encryption Key for your church, and then add that key to your Vanco integration page. 

See the below articles for more information on the Vanco integration and usage related to this new enhancement:

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