Individual Profile Overview


The profile view displays basic information about an individual.


Shows the name of the member.  Used to update the person's name.  Note:  The Legal Name will be the name that is used on the Contribution Statements.

Type of Member

Displays what the individual's status is (baptism, confirmation, etc.). This is affected by the History section


Contains options to export or download information. 


This feature will export information about the person to a CSV or Excel file and vCard. For further instruction, please refer to our article on how to export People or Household view to CSV or Excel.


This feature allows you to download reports for an individual. For more information on downloading data, please refer to our articles on how to download Contribution Statements and how to download mailing labels.


This feature prints the profile of the currently selected individual.

Contact Information

The main screen on the profile displays basic information about the individual.

  • Mailing Address—displays data from the household record. To change the mailing address, click on the displayed address.
  • Phone numbers—shows any household number(s) listed in the household profile as well as any personal phone numbers (work, cell, or home). To add a phone number, click onclick on the plus sign under Phone Numbers and enter the new phone number. To delete a phone number, hover over the desired number and click the minus sign to the right of the number.
  • Email Addresses—will display the individuals email address(es). To add an email address, click on click on the plus sign under Email Addresses and enter the new email. To delete an email address, hover over the desired address and click the minus sign to the right of the email.


This heading displays current linked family members and their relationship to the family unit.  Click the "+" icon to add additional family members /relationships to the individual's profile.

Profile Photo

The individual's profile photo will appear in the top right corner of the screen. To edit or add a photo, click on the photo box, select "Choose file," and click "Accept" to save the changes. To remove a photo, simply click "Remove Photo."

Additional Information

Additional information about the individual is displayed on the right side of the screen underneath the profile photo. To edit any of this information, click on the desired trait to open the edit box.  Any custom fields that you have created would be displayed as well.

  • Sex—lists the gender of the individual.
  • Ethnic group—lists the individual's race.
  • Birthday—displays the individual's birth date.  The age will be displayed next to the birth date.
  • Baptism—if baptized, and the baptism date is displayed.
  • Confirmation—if confirmed, the confirmation date is displayed.
  • Deceased—if deceased, the death date is displayed.
  • Grade—if applicable, lists the current school grade.

The following additional information links to other pages that will display their records:

  • Envelope number—displays the current envelope number and contains a link to the envelopes view
  • Last attended—displays the last date a person attended any event and contains a link to the Attendance Detail report for the individual.
  • Last visited—displays the last pastoral visit date and contains a link to the visits that have been added for the individual
  • Offerings—contains a link to the offerings view that will show the offerings that the individual has given.
  • Pledges--contains a link to the pledge view that shows any pledges that the individual has.


If the individual has any tags assigned to them, they are listed on the main profile screen below email addresses. To add a tag, click "Add a tag" and type in the desired tag.


Displays any notes related to the person.  This includes Notes, Pastoral Visits and Status history (Member & Nonmember Actions).


To archive an individual, click "Archive this person." After a person has been archived, they can then be deleted from the Archived view.



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