Selecting Columns


When viewing person and household records, there is a variety of information that can be made available to you without having to enter each and every record.

To the right of the view, there are a couple of drop-down menus, the right one being labeled "Columns". This is where you can determine which information is shown or hidden to keep your visible list tidy and organized as well as reduce the information exported or printed from the current screen.

Each mode of the People view will have different sets of columns so if you don't see a certain field, you may need to change your mode, particularly when looking at custom person or household fields.

To change your visible columns,

  1. Click the "Columns" drop-down menu in the People view.
  2. Check any boxes for field columns you'd like to include and uncheck to hide them. The All checkbox can be used to select or unselect all available checkboxes. Your People view will automatically update according to your choices.