How do I filter to exclude people with missing address information?


1. On the People view, click on the Smart Group selector drawer.


2. Next click on Add trait and Select Address.


3. Once you have selected Address, fill out the rest of the Smart Group fields. Options include Active, Permanent, Mailing, and Away. See below for more information about these fields.


4. Next, choose either the “is” or “is not” option. “Is” means it’s included. “Is not” means that it’s missing.


5. After selecting “is” or “is not,” select the data you want to find. These options include filled in, in the zip code, within, listed, and mappable. See below for more information about these fields.


6. Once the Smart Group has been completed, save the new Smart Group or collapse the selector to view the results. Note: If you do not save the Smart Group it will show (Custom Group).

Additional Information:

Active: An active address is the address currently in use for the person. This could be the Permanent address or the Away address if “Check here if this person is away” is selected.

Permanent: A permanent address is the main mailing address listed in the profile.


Mailing: A mailing address is the mailing address listed within the household record. The address that is shown will depend on the check box “My mailing address is different” being checked or not. You can use the "From" box to set a date range for how long this address will be active.


Away: An away address is listed within a person's profile record if “Check here if this person is away” is selected. This keeps the person within the household, but provides them with a personal alternate address.


Final Selector Options:

“Filled in” means that there is an address listed in this person's household record.

“In the zip code” allows you to find addresses within a specific zip code.

“Within” allows you to find households within xx number of miles from a specific location When you click "Choose Location", Google Maps comes up and you can select a location there.

“Listed” means that the address is listed (not marked as private).

“Mappable” means that the address can be found on a map.