How do I bulk update information?


360 Members gives you the ability to bulk update information from both the people view and the household.

The household bulk update allows you to quickly update the Send Newsletter option for each selected household.  Options for that are Blank, Print, Digital, Print & Digital and Carrier Pigeon.  Any other Custom Fields that have been created will also be able to be updated.

The people bulk update option allows you update Baptism Dates, Confirmation Dates, Custom Fields, Ethnic Group, Household, Sex and Sunday School Grade.  

Here are the steps to bulk update information:

  1. Once signed in to your site click on People to load the people view (if it is not already loaded).

  2. Find the individuals / households that you need to bulk update and click the box to the left of the name.

  3. Click on Bulk Update (located in the lower right hand column next to Add or Remove Tags and Send Email).

  4. Choose the item from the drop down that you are needing to update.

  5. Choose/Enter the new information that needs to be added.

  6. Click "Continue".  This will show a prompt requesting that you type in the number of records that will be updated to confirm the changes.

  7. Click "Update".  Once this is done the bulk update will be complete.

Note:  Any changes made when using the bulk update utility would need to be reversed using the same process when they were first made.  The update process is the same for both Individuals and households.  The only difference will be the choices that appear in the drop down (this is due to the custom fields that might have been added).

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