How do I add relationships to a person's record?


Within 360 Members you are able to add individual relationships in a person's profile record.  Relationship options include Child, Parent, Spouse, Guardian, Ward, Grandparent, Sibling and Grandchild.  Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Once signed in to Church 360° Members find the person that you need to add the relationship too and click on their name.

  2. Once the person's profile view is open click on the "+" next to "Family".  This will show a selection window where you you can find the person and select the relationship type.

  3. In the selection window type the person's name or use the scroll bar to find the person.

  4. Once you have found the person select the relationship and click "Add".  This will add the relationship under the Family section.  Note:  If the person's birthday has been added to their profile their Age will be displayed next to their name.

Note:  While searching for a name you do have the ability to create a new person.  The drop down will show the text "New Person:" and the person's name.  Pressing enter after typing the name only creates the person (a new person record will be added into your system).  You will still need to click on "Add" to add the relationship.


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