How do I print a person record?


Church 360° Members gives you the ability to print a person record.  This can be useful as you can give it to the church member to verify their information or they can use it if they transfer to another church.  Here are the steps to print an individual person record:

  1. Once signed in and on the "People - Individual" page find the individual that you need to print a record for.  Using "Type to filter people" will help in this process.

  2. Once you find the person click on their name to open the Profile.

  3. Once the record has loaded click "Print".  This will bring up a print preview page.

  4. Choose the page layout (Portrait or Landscape) then press CTRL + P to bring up the print page.  Note:  the process may be different depending on which web browser you are using.

  5. Click "Print" to print the person's record.

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