Navigating the Pastoral Visits view


Under the Pastoral Visits subheading in the People view, users can add upcoming visits and other methods of contacting individual members or households of the congregation. Users can choose to use existing person records or type in the person's first and last name in order to create a new person record in the system.

The idea of this view is to add entries where a person or household is to be contacted by the pastor or church office that will appear in the Pastoral Visit calendar under Events. Users will add a date, the person or household that is being visited/contacted, the person who is visiting/contacting (does not have to be a pastor), and the type of visit.

The type field will house all default and custom types that have ever been used and is not recommended for information specific to people or households. For this reason, the only way to remove type options from this field is to remove Pastoral Visit entries with the type selected.

Once the pastoral visit has been completed, users can add notes to the visit by navigating to the person or household record and add information and its visibility.


Action button

Like other views, the Pastoral Visits view has action buttons for specific tasks.

  • Download - This action will export all visible entries into a CSV or Excel file that you can edit and share.
  • Print - This action will open a print preview of all visible entries directly from your browser.

Pastoral Visit List

Below the entry row, all entries can be seen for reference. Entries can be clicked to open them for editing. Any field, except for the person being visited and the person doing the visiting, can be edited. To delete a pastoral visit, users will need to navigate to the person's record and removing it from there.