Navigating the Funds view


Throughout the year, members of your congregations will give offerings for specific purposes.

The Funds view allows users to create, edit, manage, and hide different funds for offerings as needed.

Action buttons

Like other views, the Funds view has action buttons for specific tasks.

  • Add Fund - This option will create a new entry for an uncategorized blank fund.
  • Add Fund Category - This option will create an organizational category for easier fund management.
  • Merge Funds - This option will merge one fund that is no longer needed as a distinct fund into another fund. This process is permanent, cannot be undone, and can affect fund reporting.
  • Print - This option allows users to print a list of funds directly from your browser.
  • Export - This option will export all funds, their category, number, exclusion options, and year-to-date total into a CSV file that users can edit and share.

Fund List

All funds and their details are listed in the view.

  • Name - Displays the name of the fund.
  • Number - Displays the number for the fund. This is optional.
  • Color - Displays the color an offering with this fund would show on the Offerings view.
  • Exclude? - Displays if offerings given to the fund are to be excluded from giver's contribution statements. This can be used for any money given for a service or product, instead of a true donation.
  • Non-Deductible? - Displays if offerings given to the fund are to be included on the giver statements, but under a heading for non-deductible offerings. This can be used for IRA or other non-deductible donations.
  • Amount - Displays the year-to-date total for the fund.

Actions for Funds

  • Edit Fund/Fund Category - The pencil icon to the far right of a fund or category will open it for editing.
  • Archive Fund - The archive box icon to the far right of a fund will archive it, sending into into the Archived category at the bottom of the view and removing it from future entry options, but not deleting any offering records. To retain historical data, funds with offering records can only be archived, not deleted. Clicking on the archive box icon again will restore it. 
  • Delete Fund/Fund Category- The trash can icon to the far right of a fund or category will remove it from the list. Only funds with no offering records can be deleted.