Sending Texts


Once you've set up your Texting in Church360 Members, and matched up any people in your congregation whose phone number didn't match with what you already had in Church360 Members, you're ready to send out a text message. To send text messages, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Person View
  2. Check the box next to each person you'd like to send a text message to. You can select everyone in a group by clicking the check box in the column header row at the top of the person records.
  3. Click "Send Text" in the gray bar at the bottom of the screen


  4. This will bring up the texting window from the Communications module. Click Review to see each person you selected, and each of their phone numbers. You will only be able to check the box next to each phone number they opted in under.
  5. Choose your message type. These are descriptions of what the texts may be for.
  6. In the Enter Text Message field, type in the message you want to send. There is a 160 Character limit on text messages
  7. You can click Send to send your text message to each person you checked off in the texting window, or you can save the message as a draft to come back at a later time to send, or schedule it to go out automatically at a specified time.

Note: The people view offers a "Opted In to Text Messages" group, which is selectable within the group selector. This group includes only those who have completed the opt-in process, including responding to the text message that goes out after entering their information into the opt-in email page.

Note: If a person's phone number appears as not being opted in, but you see their information on the "Match Phone Number Submissions" screen, this means that they have replied to the email to opt-in, but, they have not responded to the text message that this generates. Once they have replied "Yes" to that text message, they will be opted-in for text messages at your church.