How can I see when people are attending?


In order to see when people are attending, from their perspective, the Attendance tab provides a detailed view (formerly attendance detail report) that shows a person’s attendance, attendance percentage, and last date attended during a given date range. The report can be filtered by using Smart Groups and calendars.

The Graph column shows a by person view of when events occurred and if that person attended.  Hovering over a bubble will display the date it represents.  Here are the meanings of the different bubble colors:

  • Blue: The person attended the event.
  • Gray: The person did not attend the event.
  • Light Gray: No event occurred on that day.

Note: Members calculates attendance percentage using the following formula: the number of events the person attended divided by the number of weeks that have an event scheduled.  This means that as long as a person attends at least one event on a week where an attendance event is scheduled, they will be marked as attending that week, instead of being marked down for not attending each event available that week.

Note: You can set where a week starts from your General Settings menu. Click on the gear in the top right corner of the page and then select General Settings and then, in the "Start Week On" box, select which day you would like to count as the start of the week.