Church360 Members Year-End Document



 Thank you for reading the Church360 Members Year-End Document!

 This document is not something you have to complete all at once, and in fact, the year-end process usually starts a few months before the actual end of the year. However, if you didn't get started a few months before, no worries. This document will take you through all the steps to performing your year end in Church360 Members, to make sure your church gets the new year started right.

Throughout this document, there will be links to other articles that will explain how to perform the task that is being described. Click on the link, and it will take you to that article to explain in more depth how you can perform that task. 

Prepare Early

You can start by completing these initial steps as early as October or November if you’re ready. You can do the following at any time and in any order:

Update Membership Information

Update the information from the past year, including, but not limited to membership, marriage status, personal information or address changes.

Enter Pledges

You can enter pledges for the next year at any time; however, to avoid potential issues, it's a good idea to make sure you enter pledges before entering offerings for the new year.

Renumber Envelopes

You can renumber envelopes alphabetically or by keeping your members with their current envelope numbers:

Promote Students

If you haven’t already, you can set up the promotion utility to automatically change grades at a scheduled time or manually change grades as you need.

Enter all batches

After January, you will want to make sure all attendance and offering batches have been completed and correct.

Print Reports

At the end of the year, if you'd like to have hard copies of any reports to file away for your church, the year end is the right time to do this.

Typically, to make sure you get a full year's worth of information, you would want to run these reports after the calendar year has finished, and you've entered all the data for that year.

Distributing Contribution Statements

After all offering batches are corrected and complete, it’s time to run contribution reports. Church360 Members allows you to email or download year-end statements easily.

 Cleaning up your data

 People in your congregation come and go and it’s important to keep your People view organized and up-to-date. You have the option of archiving or deleting entirely. Archiving a person will remove them from views and reports, but will store their information within an Archive view. To delete a person is to erase them from the database forever. The Church360 support team recommends keeping records of people for at least five years before deleting.

Security updates

 You may want to clean-up your logins and review your role permissions to make sure those with access to the database can access what they need and can’t change information they are not responsible for.

Year-End Checklist

At the end of the year, it is best practice to ensure you have, in order:

  • Entered all attendance and offering batches for the year
  • Printed and distributed contribution statements
  • Renumbered or scheduled the renumbering of envelopes

Now, you are ready to record the first offerings of the new year. Offerings are attached to a person’s record, not their envelope number. Therefore, you can enter offerings before the renumbering process is done.

While there is no formal process at the end of the year, you will want to make sure the following have been completed:

  • All Membership Data for the year has been entered
  • Print Annual Report
  • Print Church Statistics Report

If you want to remove old information from Membership, you can archive and delete people. If you choose to delete members, the Church360 support team suggests keeping at least five (5) years of historical membership data in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have renumbered envelopes but the new envelope numbers did not take effect. Why did my envelope numbers not update properly?

A: You can renumber envelopes at any time during the year, but the new numbers will not take effect until you click Apply Now or a time is chosen for the rescheduling.

Q: Is it necessary to delete removed persons from my database, removing their records from People, Attendance and Offerings?

A: Whether or not to delete data at Year End is ultimately a question left up to each church. In some cases, it is convenient for a church to delete data related to all the people who have left the church. For other churches, it is just as important to keep records of those who are no longer active members at the church. Church360 is flexible enough to work either way.

Year-End Checklist

October-December 20xx (when ready)

  • Update Membership information
  • Renumber next year's envelopes
  • Enter Pledges for next year

After January 1, 20xx

  • Enter and post all offering batches for the year
  • Enter and post all attendance batches
  • Print all necessary reports
  • Print Contribution Statements
  • Schedule the envelopes to renumber or click the Apply now button to start with the new envelopes immediately.
  • Run Annual Report and Church Statistics