Entering a Divorce


The result of a divorce affects how it should be handled in Church360°® Members. Most likely, you want to still have a record of the prior relationship without having the couple show up as a current marriage.  

  • Go to the People view by clicking “People” in the top navigation.
  • Find one of the two people in the marriage and select them to view the person profile. Under the Family section the spouse, children, and other relatives of the person will be listed.
  • Mouse over the spouse and click the now-visible minus sign.



  • Various options appear including “Divorced”, “Deceased”, and “Delete”. Select “Divorced”. A new line will appear under the marriage date. Click “Enter Date” to enter the date of the divorce.



If the couple was previously giving jointly, adding a divorce status will separate their future offerings.

After adding a divorce, it is recommended to check each person's envelope number to make any necessary changes.