Moving an Individual to another Household


For children off to college or a spouse to a nursing home, you may elect to either leave them in their current household but add an away address for the individual. Or, if you'd rather, you can also move them into their own household with their own address. This choice is dependent on the specific situation and your office's preference. 

If you elect to move them into their own household, their relationships will not be affected: Church360° views a household simply as a shared location or address for grouping and mailing purposes.

To move a person to another existing household,

  1. Go into the person's individual record (person records will have a Family section whereas household records have a Members section).
  2. Click the address section to open it for editing. You don't want to click on the orange link to take you to the household record. The section should highlight in a faint blue when you hover over it.
  3. Select the desired household from the drop-down menu if the household has already been created.
    If the individual is moving to a new household, click the New button and input the new address or leave it blank.
  4. Click anywhere outside the blue box to save your changes. You may be prompted whether you are updating the current address or if you are creating a new household.