Adding New Smart Groups from the People View


Smart Groups can be created on the People view or in your settings.

 Smart Groups organizes and manages information about your people for reports and for your own use.

 Adding Smart Groups from the People view allows you to efficiently segment your members and see results instantaneously.

To create a Smart Group from the People view,

    1. While on the People view, expand the Smart Groups drawer by clicking the icon with three lines between the Smart Group and Column drop-down lists.
    2. In the dark area that shows, click "Add trait" to add parameters to filter your people list and use the drop-down menus to customize. Continue to add traits as you need.
    3. Once your Smart Group is set up, click "Save Group" to save your entry.
    4. Type in the name of your new group where it says "New Group". If you attempt to name your Smart Group after a reserved Smart Group, Church360° Members will prompt you to select a different name for your custom Smart Group.