Adding new People and Households


The easiest way to add new people into Church360º Members is to create their individual profile from the People view. 

This feature allows you to add a person to your records, including specific information, such as membership status and personal information. 

  1. In the People mode, click the “New” button to the right of the People/Households heading. A new window will pop up.
  2. Input the information for the person you are adding. Family name (last name), first name, sex, and member status are the only required fields.
  3. To finish creating the profile and return to the People view, click “Add.” If the person does not belong to an existing household, a household record will automatically be created.
  4. To create a profile and add more information, click “Add and Edit.” The person’s profile will open, and you will be able to continue adding and editing the information.