Adding, Editing and Deleting Pastoral Visits in Profiles


 In Profiles, you can view Pastoral Visits made to each person.

This tool tracks when members have been visited so you can make sure that people are visited periodically or when needed. 

Pastoral Visits can also be tracked in the Pastoral Visits section of settings. 

  1. From within the People view, click on an individual or household name to open the profile.
  2. Scroll down to the History section of the profile to view a history of notes and Pastoral Visits made to this person.
  3. Click on the plus icon in the History section; then select “Add Pastoral Visit.”
  4. Enter the appropriate information into the“visited by” section. You may add multiple visitors.
  5. Enter the appropriate visit-type information into the “tagged” section. You may add multiple Tags to the visit.
  6. Add an associated note, if desired.
  7. Click outside the note box to return to the normal profile view; your changes will be saved automatically.
  8. If you later wish to revise the Pastoral Visits information, you may click inside the note to edit its contents. Click anywhere outside the edit box to save your changes.
  9. To delete, hover over the Pastoral Visits name, click on the minus sign, then click on the red “Delete” button to confirm your deletion.