How do I delete a duplicate household or person?


There is not a button for deleting households in Church360 Members. That being said, households are automatically deleted when there aren't any people left in that household.

For a person to be deleted, they must first be archived, and once they have been archived you may delete those people from the archive view.

To access the list of archived persons, 

  • Go to the People: Individuals page
  • To the right is a drop down menu to choose the people you want to show. 
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu to find the Archive.

  • Anyone who is archived will have an archive box next to them.
  • If you go into the archived person's profile, their information will still be there. You also have the option to unarchive them, which brings them back into the main group, or delete them, which removes their data forever.

It is not recommended to delete a person if they have attendance or contribution records, for bookkeeping purposes. It is a utility mostly used for duplicate profiles.

For more information on the archive view, and a short demonstration of this feature, check out our blog on Archiving People in Church360 Members.