Preparing your Shepherd's Staff Database for Upload


Church360° Members offers a utility to import your Shepherd's Staff database to your site.

The version of your Shepherd's Staff database will affect how to prepare it prior to upload.

If you do not know your Shepherd's Staff version, you can find this information on the Main Menu (with the stained glass window) on the very bottom of the window if you are on the initial release of 8.8 or earlier versions of the software.

There should be the Shepherd's Staff year, the version in parenthesis, and a release number. 


While if you are on the latest version of 8.8 or 8.9 you will see a purple login screen with the version of the software and the release number.


Versions 8.1 or older

Customers with older software can call CTS support to update their database for your site. The technician will then log into your computer, take a copy of your database, and update the database for you. They will then send you an import summary after the upload completes.

Version 8.2 to 8.7

These databases are most compatible with the current importer and do not need to be prepared. Please proceed to import your data to your site.

Version 8.8 or newer

Due to differences in infrastructure between the two software, a small utility must be run to allow data to be converted to your Church360° site.

To prepare your data,

  • Download the Church360ImportUtility zip file at the bottom of this article.
  • Right-click the folder and Extract all.
  • Double click the application to run.
  • Log in using your SYSADMIN credentials. If you do not know these credentials, please call CTS support to log in and run this utility for you.
  • Click Prepare Database for Church360.
  • After the utility is run, it will tell you the location of the database that was converted.


After the utility has been run, continue to the Upload button on your site to finish the import process.