Syncing Vanco Offerings between Church360° Members and Church360° Ledger


Church360° offers an option to sync your online giving with Vanco to your Church360° Members and Church360° Ledger sites automatically.

This will allow you to link Vanco accounts to a giving unit in Church360° Members so that you can accurately generate contribution statements including their electronic offerings. From there, totals for each fund each day are transferred into their respective accounts in Church360° Ledger as a pending transaction, saving users time by not requiring them to manually create a deposit for offering batches.

It is important to understand the process for each software to avoid some batches not carrying over accurately.

Vanco accepts both credit card and ACH payments. Credit and debit cards are given and settled at almost the same time. ACH donations (typically sent directly from a bank account), however, may be given one day, then settled on another (usually due to the bank being closed).

Church360° groups payments according to their settlement date. So all Vanco offerings given on one date will be grouped into one payment, and as offerings continue to come in, the offering batch for that date will continually update.

Church360° Members will then send the batch as a lump sum to Church360° Ledger, which may cause a hiccup if the updating transaction is deposited too early. For this reason, it is highly recommended that those working in Church360° Ledger do not create a deposit from a Church360° Members offering until all of the entries are present. This will ensure that the deposit is completely updated when it's posted.

An example can be seen below:

Church360° Members receives three offerings given through Vanco.

In the example below, the two credit card payments are given and settled on the same day. So the offering batches are initially $100 for 1/4 and $50 for 1/6.

The ACH payment, however, can only settle on a weekday that is not a bank holiday. For this reason, though it was given on 1/4, it was not settled until a couple of days later on 1/6.

Church360° Members uses the offering's settlement date, not the given date, to create its offering batches, one for each date. So this offering is now added to the 1/6 offering batch, updating its total.

As Church360° Members receives the ACH offering, it automatically passes that information to Church360° Ledger where the pending transaction updates itself to $75.

If the church treasurer had created a deposit for $50 before that last offering was updated, they would then have to create a manual deposit for $25 to account for all three offerings over this time period.