Deleting Person Records


In some instances, you may come across a situation where duplicate records have been created for a single person. After making sure to move over any attendance and offering data over to one record, you'll then need to delete the extra record.

Once a person is deleted, their attendance records are deleted and offerings will be changed to Loose Offerings. Households are automatically removed when empty.

For bookkeeping purposes, it is not recommended to delete non-duplicate records to preserve historical attendance and contribution data on past annual reports.

To be deleted, a person's record must first be archived.

  1. To access the list of archived persons, go to the People view and click the drop-down menu for Smart Groups and Tags.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu to find the Archive. Anyone who is archived will have an archive box next to them.


3. Click the person's name to go into their profile and click the Delete button located below the  Timeline section to remove their record completely.