Communication Statistics for Text Messages


After a text message has been sent out, users can review the message and its delivery statistics by going into the Communications view, finding the message in question under Sent Messages, and clicking on the arrow to the far right of the row under Actions.

Under Communication Statistics, the first row will show the message title and when the message was sent.

The next section houses the Audience summary, including any Smart Groups and tags used as well as the number of individuals selected for either inclusion or exclusion.

To the right of this section, you can see the message that was sent.

The next row contains a summary of delivery statuses:

  • Sent - The number here shows how many phone numbers were selected for the text message and were sent by the system. 
  • In Process - This shows if any messages are currently in the process of being sent. Once this number drops to zero, users will know that the blast has been completed.
  • Delivered - This shows that the message was successfully sent to the person's phone with no delivery failure messages.
  • Undelivered - This indicates that the system sent an undeliverable message to the contact in question, usually due to the phone number not existing or being incorrectly formatted. If a phone number gets this status, it will be flagged as unavailable on the People view.

For more information on specific numbers, click "Display Event Log" to show each number's delivery status.

  • Delivered - This status indicates that a person's phone registered the text message as delivered.
  • Failed - This status shows that the text did not complete its delivery. Usually, this status is followed by more information as to why the delivery failed, like an invalid number.