Navigating the Settings view


To access specific collections or administrative views relating to each area of Church360°, users will click on the Settings gear on the left to open the Settings view.

This view displays additional navigation on the left hand side of the site, divided into sections relating to the areas of the software the settings affect.

For more information on each individual view that navigates from Settings, please visit the articles relating to them specifically.

Under General, users can access account settings and information on the site itself, as well as see information related to their Church360° Members subscription.

  • Account Settings view


Under People, users can access views relating to fields and filters relating to person and household records.

  • Custom Fields view
  • Grades view
  • Smart Groups view
  • Tags view


Under Events, users can access views relating to the grouping of events.

  • Calendars view


Under Offerings, users can access assignments relating to offerings.

  • Envelopes view
  • Funds view
  • Pledges view


Under Communications, users can access settings and templates related to Communications.

  • Communication Settings view
  • Opt-ins (for Text Messaging) view
  • Texting view



Under Integrations, users can access their third-party integrations for various import tasks.

  • Vanco Integration view


Under Admin, users can access administrative logs and assignments.

  • Event Log view
  • Logins view
  • Roles view