Navigating Account Settings


The default Settings view allows you to reference and control different aspects on how your Church360° Members site looks and behaves.

Here, you can edit your church information, primary contact information, grade promotion, calendar settings, and tax information.

Church Information

The first information you see is your general church information. Here, users can add or edit a logo, church name and addresses, time zone and denomination.

The church name, phone number, address, and (if included, church logo) entered here will appear on your contribution statements.

If you do not see your denomination in the drop-down menu, please select the option that most closely resembles it. The denomination selected determines available “Received by” and “Removed by” reasons for members.

It is important to select your correct denomination prior to entering large amounts of data onto your site as changing your denomination remaps your received by and removed by terms. Before making a change, please reach out to our support team for recommendations based on your specific situation. Changing your denomination multiple times can remap your data into a state that's not easily reversed.

For more information on the denominational differences in Church360° Members, please visit this article.

Primary Contact

Your primary contact will be the best person for CTS to contact about information pertinent to your Church360° account. This information is not shared anywhere on the site.

Your Plan Information

This section houses data related to your current subscription plan with Church360° Members.

You can review your plan level and number of active member households in your database to see if you may need to adjust your plan if your household total approaches your plan limit (if there is one).

Only households with at least one living, non-removed member will be added to this count. Under Active Member Households, click the number listed for a full list of your member households.

If you are have an active subscription with CTS, you'll also be able to reference your plan expiration date. Typically, invoices for renewal are mailed a month or two before your expiration date.

Your customer ID number is also included should you ever need to contact support or billing department in regards to Church360° Members.


You have the option to set up a date for all grades to automatically promote. By checking the box in this section, you will have the opportunity to choose a date from the drop-down menu.

It is important to note that setting the date to the current day will not immediately promote your students. Instead, it will schedule the next promotion for the following year. In this case, it is recommended to set the automation to start the promotion the following day.

For more information on setting an automatic promotion date, please visit this article.


The day you start your week on determines the day of your first scheduled sermon for the week and will be used to calculate your average attendance numbers and trends.

Tax Information

For certain tax-related documents, you may want to add a Federal Tax ID. Enter in the number in the textbox located in this section to include this on your statements.

Saving your Changes

When you edit any of your settings in Account Settings, a black bar will appear at the bottom of your screen, tracking your changes.

After you finish and verify your changes, you must click the “Save Now” button to save them.