Common Questions on Passkeys


With the new paradigm introduced with the implementation of Passkeys, many questions have arisen in regards to how this will affect users in relation to using Church360 products.

  • Does Church360 require the use of Passkeys? Can administrators require it for other users?

At this time, the use of Passkeys is not required to use Church360 Members and there is no way for administrators to require users to use Passkeys only. If you would like to see these enhancements please submit feedback.

  • How will this affect new users invited to my Church360 site?

Users will still be able to create login accounts with passwords as they have done previously. If they desire a Passkey, they can go to their User Settings and create a Passkey option and delete their password, if they choose.

  • Does this affect anything with Church360 Ledger or Church360 Unite?

Church360 Ledger and Church360 Unite do not have the capability for Passkeys at this time so users of these products will experience no change in their login process.

  • What is a passkey device? What options do I have?

Users can use any smartphone, tablet, password manager, or biometrics capability that currently supports Passkeys. Phones and tablets that have cameras can read QR codes to grant access to a Passkey-enabled website. A password manager like Google Password Manager or iCloud Keychain can save a Passkey like a credential where devices and computers on the same password manager account can share Passkeys amongst themselves. If a device has a biometrics option, an external key like Windows Hello or a physical security key like a USB, a Passkey can be attached to it and be entered into different devices to grant access.

  • I access Church360 Members at church and at home using different computers. How would Passkeys work in this situation?

If you access Church360 Members using multiple computers/devices, it's recommended to use a device like a phone that you carry with you or use a password manager installed/signed in on each computer or device that you use for Church360° Members.

  • Does this passkey challenge occur on each login occurrence?

Yes, just like asking for a password when you access a website, a challenge will occur each time you log into Church360° Members. A challenge will appear as a prompt to your password manager or a QR code for your phone or tablet to scan. You'll be asked on the Passkey device (not the computer you are accessing) whether access should be granted. Follow the prompts for your device to confirm access.