Exporting Contribution Statements to PDF


Contribution statements provide accurate, yearly information on your members’ giving history. This information can be used as a record for charitable giving for your members’taxes.

Exporting contribution statements to PDF allows you to provide your members with a hard copy of this information.

  1. Select the Smart Group whose contribution statements you wish to download to PDF.
  2. Click “Download” at the top of the screen and select “Contribution Statements".
  3. Select the date range for the statements. If desired, input your church’s federal ID number for tax purposes.
  4. Select whether or not you want to show pledges, print statements for users who have not given, or print fund totals by selecting or deselecting the check boxes next to these options.
  5. Download your contribution statements by clicking on the “Generate PDF” button. The button will let you know when it is working and will then turn green when the statements are ready.
  6. Click on the green “Download” button and a PDF of the statements will appear in a new tab of your browser.
  7. To save, click CTRL+S or “File” and “Save.” To print, click CTRL+P or “File” and “Print.”


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