Navigating the People View


The People view of Church360° Members is probably the most accessed view, housing all of your congregation's information.


One unique feature of the People view is its modes, which group and display a variety of selectable and sortable columns. Click the subheading located next to the People heading at the top of the page to choose between each option.

The People view offers four different modes and two additional views to help with tracking your congregation's information.

  • Individuals  - Each row belongs to an individual record, showing personal and membership information specific only to that one person. This mode is best for generating quick lists and spreadsheets of people's information, as well as mailing labels and directories for individual people.
  • Households - Each row belongs to a household record, showing the address and contact information pertaining to all members of the household. This mode offers mailing labels and directories grouped by household.
  • Givers  - Each row belongs to a single giver record, either an individual or a married couple. This mode offers mailing labels with either the current or next envelope number and is best for printing envelope lists before and after a renumbering.
  • Marriages - Each row belongs to a married couple, showing giving and anniversary information. This mode can be used for anniversary lists and to show which couples give jointly.
  • Pastoral Visits - This view offers the ability to schedule visits to members of your congregation, assigning who is to be visited, who will do the visiting, and type of visit.
  • Church Register - This view offers the ability to record significant events both for those with person records in the system and those without.


Action Buttons

Near the top right corner of most views, there will be buttons available for specific tasks related to the records and settings in the view.

In the People view, there are options to Upload, Download, Print, and Save Reports.

  • Upload - Here, you can upload information from a vCard or, if you are a former Shepherd's Staff user, you can upload your Shepherd's Staff database to your Church360° Members site. More information is available in our articles about uploading your Shepherd's Staff database and what fields do not import to your site.
  • Download - On the People view, you can export lists of people and their information to a spreadsheet, either in Excel or CSV format. Downloads for contribution statements, directories, and mailing labels are also available. All downloads will specifically filter based on which records are visible and/or checked.
  • Print - This option allows you to print your list of visible records and information directly from your browser. Printing options will be limited to your browser's capabilities and some columns may be cut off, depending on how many are selected. In the upper right, you can choose page orientation before printing.
  • Save Report - This option allows you to save the columns and layout of your current view. You can access your saved reports at any time by clicking on the Reports page in the Primary Navigation bar.


Bulk Utilities

When selecting a record in the People view, you may notice a dark bar appear with available tasks for the selected people.

  • Bulk Archive - This button will send all selected records to the archive and will hide their information from all other views and reports, including the Annual report. This option is available only in Individuals mode.
  • Bulk Update - This mass update utility allows you to change a baptism date, confirmation date, Ethnic Group, Grade, Household, or Sex of all selected persons. This utility is available only for Individuals and Households. Custom fields are available depending on the mode.
  • Add or Remove Tags - With this tool, you can add and remove tags in bulk. Though you can assign tags in any mode, the tags themselves are applied only to individual records, not household or giving records.
  • Send Voice Message - This will open up a new message in the Communications module to begin creating a voice message blast.
  • Send Text - This will open up a new message in the Communications module or a window to select the opted-in cell numbers of those selected to send a mass text message through Church360°'s Twilio relay. 
  • Send Email - This will open up a new message in the Communications module to begin creating an email message blast.
  • Send Email via Client- This will open up a window to select the email addresses of those selected to send a mass email through the default email client on your computer. 


Drop-Down Menus

Under the Action buttons, there are drop-down menus that can be used to filter your current People view.

The left drop-down will contain three default groups, including Everyone, Members, and Opted In to Text Messages. These cannot be edited or removed. Under the default groups, you will find a list of all Smart Groups (denoted with a lightbulb icon) and Tags (denoted with a tag icon) that you can select to automatically filter your view. At the very bottom of the list will be the Archived list.

Between the two drop-down menus is a button with three lines on it. This will open up the Smart Group Trait drawer to access specific criteria to filter your view. For more information on Smart Group Traits, please visit our article on the topic.

The right drop-down menu is labeled Columns. This will allow you to choose which fields are shown on the view.



When working in your People view, you may notice some symbols or icons next to certain information.

The cross next to a person's name denotes them as having passed away.

A triangle with an explanation point in it denotes one of three errors. Hovering over the icon will show a message with more information.

  • This is a duplicate name - This message means there is another record, either in the main database or the archive, with the same preferred and last name as this record. Editing one of the records' name and resaving will remove this flag.
  • This address is invalid - This message means there is either a syntax or server error in the email address' entry. Correcting this and resaving will remove this flag.
  • This number was unreachable at the last text or voice delivery attempt - This message means this number was sent either a voice blast or text message and came back undeliverable. Sending a phone message successfully will remove this flag.