Default Reports


There are eleven default reports that will automatically generate as soon as you create your Church360°Members account. These built-in reports appear under “All Reports.” 

You cannot delete these built-in reports, but you may use them as abase for adding reports that more specifically meet the needs of your congregation. 

  • Annual Report: generates an annual report based on your denomination’s requirements
  • Attendance Detail: gives you an overview of attendance for all people in your church
  • Gift Range Breakdown: compare trends in your contributors’ giving ranges over time
  • Members: sends you to a view of all the people marked as members in your congregation
  • Members Gained and Lost: shows the net gain and loss in your membership over time
  • Membership Comparison (2-year comparison):shows a year-by-year comparison of membership over time
  • Offerings by Fund: breaks down offerings by fund totals
  • Pledge Progress: compares giving and pledges by giving unit
  • Pledges, Compared to Offerings: gives an overall snapshot of pledges and offerings over a specific time period
  • Pledges, Compared to Previous Year: compares this year and last year’s pledges
  • Visitors Follow-Up: provides a list of visitors to follow up with
  • Worship Attendance and Offerings, Compared to Previous Year: compares this year’s worship and attendance to last year’s worship and attendance