Generating Annual Reports


In Church360º Members, you can print annual reports for your church’s denomination. These reports will include specific statistics and information about your church. 

Rather than you recording all of this information for each report, Church360º Members will automatically enter the information from your site and generate the reports for you.

  1. Click “Reports” in the Primary Navigation at the top of the screen.
  2. Under “All Reports,” click “Annual Report.”
  3. Select the year for your report, using the arrows next to the year.
  4. Add any trends to your report, using the “Add Trend” button.
  5. Check the settings for your membership demographics by clicking on the Settings cog within the Reports view.
  6. Check your data health by scrolling down to the Accuracy section.
  7. Click on the items listed to be taken to a view where you can edit individual profiles to complete the information.
  8. Once your data is ready, click the “Print” button. Your report will appear in a new tab in your browser.
  9. To print the report, press CTRL+P or click “File” and “Print.” 

Note: If your report needs to be emailed to your denomination, you may save the report as a PDF rather than sending it to your printer.