Using Barcodes on Mailing Labels


If you are sending a bulk mailing, you may wish to add a barcode on each of your mailing labels.

Follow these instructions to download and utilize these barcodes in Church360°Members.

  1. In the People view, click “Download” at the top of the screen and select “Mailing Labels.”
  2. Next to the “Generate” button, you will see a message prompting you to install the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode. Click on the hyperlink and the file will automatically begin downloading in your browser.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, click the file to open it and begin installing fonts.
  4. Within the file, click on the “Install” button and follow the instructions as prompted.
  5. Once the font has been downloaded and installed, you may continue with your process of downloading mailing labels. You will only need to install the font on your computer one time and it will apply to subsequent mailing labels exports. 

Note: If you are not a system administrator, you may need special permission to download this font.