Adding Events


Events are items that are added to your calendar. In order to record attendance for worship services, bible studies, and ministry events at your church, you must first record these items as events in Church 360°Members.

  1. In the Events view, click the “New” button at the top of the page to add a new event.
  2. In this window, enter the name of your event in the “Name” text box.
  3. Select which calendar(s) you would like to assign this event to in the “Add a calendar” box. You may tag an event to more than one calendar.
  4. Type a location in the “Location” box(optional).
  5. Select the start date and time.
  6. Select the end date and time. If the event is an all-day event, select “This is an all-day event.”
  7. If the event repeats, select “This event repeats.” Selecting this option will reveal additional information to be completed about how often the event occurs.
  8. Add a description in the “Description” text box (optional).
  9. Choose if attendance will be taken, communion will be served, or an offering will be taken at this event by checking the corresponding boxes.
  10. Once all the information is correct, click the “Add” button.