Navigating the Events Calendar View


The Events view houses both a calendar view and a detail view on your congregation's attendance patterns and history.

There are two views available in the Events area of the software: the Events calendar itself and Attendance. For more information on the Attendance view, please visit this article.


The Events calendar allows users to create and manage events similar to how you would on an Outlook calendar. Like in Outlook, events can be repeated, locations can be assigned, and notes can be added. Additionally, events can be used to keep track of attendance, communion, and offerings for record keeping.

Managing events is easy in this view. To create an event, you can either click the “New” button in the upper left corner or click on the day you want the event to be on. A window will appear with additional fields that need to be filled in. Hovering over an event with the cursor will display a brief summary. Clicking on an event will take you to the edit view, where you can edit or delete the event.

  • Note: Attendance cannot be entered unless an event has the “Attendance taken” checkbox marked. Similarly, offerings can only be linked to an event for which the “Offering taken” checkbox is marked.


Action Buttons

  • Download - On the Calendar view, you can export your calendar as a Word document (docx).
  • Print - This option allows you to print your calendar and visible information directly from your browser. Printing options will be limited to your browser's capabilities and weeks may be cut off, depending on the number of calendars (and thereby events) that are selected. In the upper right, you can choose page orientation before printing.
  • Save Report - This option allows you to save the columns and layout of your current view. You can access your saved reports at any time by clicking on the Reports page in the Primary Navigation bar.


Date Navigation Arrows

You can change the month or week you are viewing by using the arrows under “Events” in the top left corner; clicking the dot in between the arrows brings you back to the current month or week.


Toggle view and Calendar Selection

Over to the right side of the page are toggle buttons to change the view to monthly or weekly.

Clicking the drop-down labeled "Calendars" will display all the calendars that are visible to you. You can select and deselect calendars to find the ones you want to view.