Navigating your site


Primary Navigation Bar

When using Church360° Members, you will need to use the Primary Navigation bar located on the top of your site to access the different features and utilities available to you.

Depending on your Role permissions, some sections or features may be unavailable to you.

From this bar, you can access the different areas of Church360° Members: People, Events, Attendance, Offerings, and Reports. Further to the right, there are icons for your message center, the settings gear, and your user profile.




Each view will have bold text directly under the Primary Navigation Bar marking the area you are currently seeing. 



Action Buttons

In each view, there will be buttons located in the top right corner of the view. Each view will allow for different tasks. 




When starting to explore your Church360° Members site, you may see orange blinking lights on certain buttons or links. These are used throughout the site to help indicate a helpful tip or suggested next action. After the light is clicked, you can dismiss the notification to make the beacon disappear forever.



Date Selection

When using reports or views, you may want to select a certain date range to show. Clicking on the date picker (typically located under the view heading, if it's available) allows you to select a specific date range using a drop-down calendar. On some views like Attendance or Offerings, you can also use the bar graph to select dates by moving the brackets to house the range you are looking for.

To avoid large amounts of data creating lagging, date ranges are limited to 18 months.



Drop-Down Menus and Smart Group Traits

Views also offer options on the right to filter information for certain individuals who match specific criteria. You can use drop-down menus to select what people to select and which columns to show.

Furthermore, a drawer menu can be accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines next to the drop-down menu. This drawer will allow you to choose Smart Group traits to filter the view of people included.



Help Icon

At the bottom right corner of your site, clicking the small blue circle with a white "i" allows you to search for help articles, chat with a technician, or send CTS an email message directly from your Church360° Members site.



Message Center

Marked with a bell icon, notifications will appear here when automatic tasks like envelope renumberings or grade promotions have run or contribution statements are ready to be downloaded.

Messages work on a per-user basis; meaning each user has control over their own message center. Dismissing a message will only close it for your own login while others will still get the message until they dismiss it. Once a message is deleted, it cannot be recovered.