Navigating the Logins view


The Logins view displays all users with access to the Church360° Members site, their login email, and their assigned Roles.

Action buttons

Like other views, the Logins view has action buttons for specific tasks.

  • Add Login - This button will open an entry to create a new user account for the site.
  • Print - This option allows users to print a list of all users of the site and their login information directly from the browser.
  • Export - This action will export all Login information into a CSV file that you can edit and share.

Login List

Under the Logins heading and Action buttons, all current Logins are displayed with three columns.

  • Name - Displays the name of the person record of the user.
  • Email - Displays the email address the user uses to log into the site. This can be changed in User Settings. If the email columns displays a pending message, the user has not yet finished creating their account.
  • Roles - Displays all selected Roles for the user that determine what they can access and manage.  A user can have multiple Roles. 

Actions for Logins

  • Inspect Login - The i icon to the far right of the login record can be clicked to display the user's compiled permissions on what they can access and manage.
  • Edit Login - The pencil icon to the far right of a login will open it for editing. Users can reassign the Login or change their roles.
  • Delete Login - The trash can icon to the far right of a login will remove it so that they can no longer log into the site.