Navigating the Event Log


The Event Log is a built-in tool that helps you track when changes are made in your Church360° Members database.

Access the Event Log by clicking the gear icon on the right side of the Primary Navigation at the top of the screen and selecting “Event Log.”

When in the event log, you will see a place to search your log, a calendar field to jump to a specific date in your log, and the ability to print or export your visible event log to Excel.

Scrolling down the event log, you'll see a button to "Load Older" entries as you need.

 The Event Log has four columns:

  • When - This states both the date and time changes were made. Changes are all documented chronologically.
  • User - This states which user made the changes.
  • Record - This states which record these changes were applied to. A house icon indicates a household record and a person icon indicates a person record. Clicking on this text will open to the record in question.
  • Description - This gives a detailed description of the changes that were made. Changes are highlighted in red (for previous entries and deletions) and blue (for additions and new entries).