Navigating the Event Log


The Event Log is a built-in tool that helps you track when changes are made in your Church360° Members database.

Access the Event Log by going to Settings and clicking “Event Log” under the Admin sub-heading.

Available Actions

At the top of the Event Log view, there are three fields and two buttons that users can use to navigate, filter, and report on the view.

  • Search bar - Users can use this field to enter terms or names in the search bar and click "Search" to find instances of the string in the User, Record, or Description fields. Once a term has been searched for, you can click on the red X to the right to clear out the field.
  • Jump to Date selector - Users can select a date using the selector and click the "Go" button to go back to entries from that period of time.
  • Module selector - This filter allows users to filter based on what area of the software you want entries to show.
  • Print - This option allows you to print your list of visible records and information directly from your browser.
  • Export - Users can export the visible event log entries to a CSV file.

Event Log Records

Below the top row of fields, users can scroll through the list of entries as created when records are added, edited, or deleted. After scrolling down the length of the page, you'll see a button to "Load Older" entries as you need.

 The Event Log table has four columns:

  • When - This states both the date and time changes were made. Changes are all documented chronologically, starting with the most recent.
  • User - This states which login was used to make the changes. 
  • Record - This states which record these changes were applied to. A house icon indicates a household record and a person icon indicates a person record. Clicking on this text will open to the record in question. If multiple records were edited, clicking on the arrow to the right of the number of people will show their names. 
  • Description - This gives a detailed description of the changes that were made. Changes are highlighted in red (for previous entries and deletions) and blue (for additions and new entries).