Exporting Envelopes List


Before or after scheduling a renumbering, you may want to generate a list of the current or upcoming envelope numbers for your congregation. 

To export an envelope list,

  1. Go to the People view in the Givers mode.
  2. Choose the givers you are looking to include, either by checking boxes next to each name or filtering using Smart Groups, traits, or tags. If using envelope numbers, you may want to filter only those with an Envelope number or a Next Envelope Number.
  3. Use the Columns drop-down menu to the far right of the screen to choose the columns you want to include in your list.
  4. Once your columns look appropriate, you can click "Download" to export your current view as a CSV or Excel file or click "Print" to print directly from your browser. Depending on the number of rows chosen, printing from the browser may cause some columns to be cut off.