Adding Away Addresses


Some members of your congregation may spend a certain amount of time at a different location that you may want to keep track of. Whether it's snowbirds, college kids, or deployed military, you can add an away address and date range in addition to their regular mailing address. Away addresses can also be toggled on or off manually or set a date for it to expire automatically.

To add an away address to a person's record,

  1. Select the profile of the individual or household from the People view.
  2. Go over to the Mailing Address section and click on the address field to open it up for editing. When you hover over the address area, the entire section will be faintly highlighted. If this is for an individual, you do not want to click the orange name of the household as that will take you to the household record.
  3. For individuals, check the box to mark the person as being away. For entire households, click the box stating that the mailing address is different. This will open up other fields for more information on their away status, time period, and location.
  4. Next to the checkbox, you can type in a general note about where this person is, or just leave it as simply "away". 
  5. If you'd like to add a date range for when this person will be away, check the box on the next line.
  6. Use the drop-down menus to choose a beginning and ending date for the extent of the person's departure. If this is a yearly occurrence, you can leave the year fields empty for the date range to make the address recurring.
  7. If available, you can type in the street, city, state, and zip code information for the away address in the appropriate boxes. Check the Unlisted box if you don't want this address to be printed on directories.
  8. When everything looks good, click anywhere in the white space outside of the section and your information will be saved automatically. A message will appear below their mailing address to remind you that the person is currently away and when they will be back.