Adding Images to Profiles


When looking at a person or household record, you can add an image for reference and directory usage.

To add an image to a profile,

  1. Click a person or household record to open it for editing.
  2. On the upper right of the record, click the placeholder image to open the upload window.


3. Click "Upload" to open your file explorer to find and choose the image you want. Church360° works best with PNG and JPEG file types.

4. Once an image has been uploaded, three additional functions become available.

  • The "Replace" button reopens your file explorer for you to find and choose a replacement for your current image.
  • The "Crop" button opens an editing window where you can adjust and resize the cropping square around your image for a better fit. Click "Crop" again to save your change.
  • The "Remove" button will remove the image from the field completely and will leave only the placeholder image.


5. Click "Close" to save your changes and close the upload window.

It's important to note that the type of directory you generate will determine whether the household or individual image are shown. If your directory is generated from Households mode, the image added to the household record will be available whereas directories generated from Individuals mode will show the image from the person record.