Adding Custom Fields


While using Church360° Members, you may find that there is some information that you would like to record but can't find an appropriate field. In this situation, custom fields can be created to record information that is specific to your church.

You may add an unlimited amount of both individual and household custom fields of the following types:

  • Text - This field type allows users to type into a text box in a person or household record, for a maximum of 255 characters. This type could include fields like Allergies, Employer, or Job Title.
  • Date - This field type accepts dates through use of a calendar-like pop-up. A field for a person's first visit or communion might be information you would like to add using this type of field.
  • List - Similar to the text box, this field restricts the options to be chosen, shown in a drop-down menu when entering data. You could use this to show a list of Elders or Ministry Groups to choose from. This type can also be used as a true or false distinction as well. Putting Yes or No as the options for something like Background Check Passed or Receives Newsletter could be fields to add, depending on your church's needs.
  • Link - This will create a hyperlink that can be clicked while in a person or household record. These links might take you to a person's Facebook page or personal website.
  • Person Link - This can be used to link one member to another member within the system (e.g. linking prayer partners, emergency contact, etc).

To add a new custom field,

  1. Click the gear icon on the Primary Navigation at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Custom Fields”
  3. If you want the field to show in the People: Individuals view, like a school or occupation field, click plus sign next to People Fields. If you want the field to appear in the People: Households view, like a newsletter or mailing list, click the plus sign next to Household Fields.
  4. Type the name of your new field in the Name box.
  5. Select a type for your custom field. You may choose from text, date, list, link, or person link options. If you click the list type, you will be able to type in your options on each line in the box that appears beneath the type field.
  6. Select the visibility for your custom field. Visibility for custom fields is tied to roles you create in Church360° Members.
  7. Click “Save” to save your changes.