Household Profile Overview


The profile view for a household will display basic information about the household as a whole. From here, you can see a variety of information about your selected household and perform numerous functions:

Family Name/ Addressee

Displays the Family Name and Addressee (Mailing Label Tag)

Mailing address

Displays the household address as well as the Away address (My mailing address is different) if the family is away (snowbirds)

Phone number(s)

Displays the phone number(s) associated with the household

Email Address(es)

Displays the household email address.


Shows any Notes/Pastoral Visits that have been added to their household record. Any notes added to the household will also appear as a note on each person within the household.


Shows the current family members.


Used to export information about the household.

  • Export to CSV or Excel—exports the household record to a CSV or Excel file. For more information on exporting information to a CSV or Excel file, refer to our help article on how to export People or Household view to CSV or Excel.

  • Mailing Labels—allows you to download a mailing label for the household. For further help on downloading mailing labels, read our article on how to download mailing labels.


Used to print a household record.

Household Photo

Displays the household photo.

Additional Information

Displays information related to the household.

  • Custom Fieldsindicates whether or not the household is signed up to receive newsletters.  Send Newsletter is an example of a custom field.
  • Last visited—displays the last pastoral visit date (includes a link to pastoral visit record).